College Counseling Services

College Admission continues to be a changing landscape, the process of selecting, applying and gaining admission to college can be stressful, anxiety producing and confusing to high school students and their families.

College Choice helps your student approach the college selection and admission’s process in a clear, organized, and strategic manner.

Researching and Developing an Appropriate List of Prospective Colleges

Choices of colleges can be based on a combination of variables, such as size, affordability, private versus public, geographic location, support services, athletics, arts, research/internship opportunities, study abroad programs, extra-curricular activities and level of selectivity.

Assessing and Planning High School Course Curriculum

A-G requirements for UC and CSU, appropriate AP and Honors courses, electives, and college courses.

Taking Appropriate Standardized Tests

Selecting between the SAT and ACT, and SAT subject tests.

Completing Common and/or Individual College Applications

Many colleges utilize the Common Application, while some, usually public colleges and universities use their own application.

Constructing and Editing of Essays & Responses To Application Questions

Aside from California State Universities, colleges require anywhere from one to four essays as well as additional short answer questions. While some use only one or two prompts for a response, others may offer up to six or more to select from.

Co and Extra-curricular Activities

Today colleges require in depth experience in one or more extra-curricular activities, usually service oriented.  Selective colleges also can expect an in depth Co-Curricular experience related to a student’s academic coursework.

College Interviews and Resume Preparation

Colleges and Universities may offer a formal or informal opportunity to interview with an Alum or College Admissions Officer. Adequate preparation in the form of mock interviews is provided. Some schools may also require a College Resume.

Strategic College Visits

Visiting colleges of interest should be more than a guided tour.  Opportunities to visit a class, meet with a professor, and stay overnight in a dorm offer a more insightful view of the college atmosphere and services.

Final College Selection

Students are rightly excited upon receiving their first college admissions letter and may prematurely want to accept an admissions offer before considering several important factors such as, financial aid offers, climate, distance, size, support services, housing, and academic offerings.

Keeping It All Organized

College Choice assist students organize their college application process in respect to admissions, financial aid and related deadlines.